You know from time to time I hear people absolutely trash-talking about video games and online games and I just wonder if they know that there are useful games out there as well. Games that help you to develop thinking abilities, games that help you improve your fast reaction, your creativity, and more. You might ask if there are any online games out there that can improve all of the listed above, well there are and one of them for sure is Connect 4.

This is a classic puzzle game and I am pretty sure that a lot of you know what it is all about and how to play it, but just in case some of you are wondering keep reading. Okay so here you have chips of different colors, your goal is to connect four chips(disks) with the same color. Your opponents have the same objective, so you at the same time have to intervene in their plans and along the way work on your own victory.

Either if you win or lose the game will calculate all important data for you, so you don’t have to do anything. After the end of the round, you will be given an informative board with numbers on it, indicating parameters like: state of the round(lose or win), bonus time, bonus win, and total score. This data is important to keep an eye on your overall progress and your results in the game.

Tips and tricks
One thing that I have noticed about this game is that it is far more complicated and complex than you might think at the first glance. There are tons of different possible moves, there are various strategies you can pursue, there is the possibility to set traps for your enemies, you may make an appearance that you are playing defensive strategy, but in reality, you secretly trying to align disks on the different location.

There are a lot of ways to win, find the one that suits your style of gaming best!

Mobile version
So why not play Connect 4 on your phone as well? I mean it is supported on all major platforms, just check our download links below.

Video guide
Do you want to see how really skilled gamers play this game? Take a look at the following video guide from YouTube, I bet you will find it very useful.

With all that being said, my main point is that not all games are bad, I mean if you play only GTA for straight forward 5-6 hours, of course, it will have a bad influence on you, but if you are playing puzzle games and games that require from your ‘thinking outside the box’ mentality, then yes, it will be beneficial for you.

Scroll up guys, play this amazing puzzle game either alone vs bot or with your friends and enjoy your time.